Lisa Qie

“It is the perfect full body workout using a mixture of pilates, cardio and weight training. The variety in exercises keeps it so fun and exciting, and challenges me every time!” 

Lauren Bryan

“Workouts always have a twist and are different everyday working the entire body! The staff are always so motivational and make you feel like your strongest self.”

Craig Gibson

“Strong Pilates takes it to the next level with the combination of low impact strength blocks and high intensity rowing intervals. “

Claire Brody

“Strong pilates is such a perfect blend between strength and pilates. In the past I felt hesitant committing fully to a pilates studio because I felt I was missing out on cardio and weight based strength (which I also enjoyed). Strong pilates though is the...

Alyssa Jayda Grech

“I finally enjoy working out and am already seeing great results both physically but also in my general health. I am fitter than ever all thanks to Strong! The team are so welcoming and always provide the best tips and guidance to ensure I’m getting the most out...