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What should I bring to class?
You must have grip socks and a sweat towel. We’re an environmentally-conscious studio and don’t provide plastic cups, so bring your own water bottle.
How early should I arrive to class?
First time getting STRONG? Arrive 15 minutes early so we can show you Strong. Otherwise, arrive five minutes before class. If you’re late, your spot may be given to someone on the waitlist.
Do you have lockers?
Yes. Put your belongings in our lockers and get down for more.
Are grip socks required?
More grip, no slip. For your own safety, you must wear grip socks. No exceptions.
What else should I bring?
You need your own water bottle and a sweat towel. Forgot yours? Purchase a STRONG towel at the studio.
Do you have showers on the premises?
More sweat, more spa. We provide you with showers, change rooms and toilets with full amenities when you workout at STRONG. Eucalyptus-scented towels included.
How many Rowformer beds in class?

Each STRONG studio has between 15-20 Rowformer beds. Hit up your studio of choice to confirm.

Can I bring my mobile phone to class?
Leave it in your locker while you sweat in class. Proud of what you’ve achieved? So are we. Grab a picture in front of our photo wall after class to show it off.


What is a STRONG Class?
A class for those down for more. The class that will change the way you train. For good.

Sweat. Shake. Leave strong. Our 45-minute classic combination rowform class includes light and heavy resistance strength work for a full-body, STRONG signature workout. Pilates inspired to work your upper body, back, legs, booty, obliques and abs. Cardio infused with a trio of five minute rowing intervals to get your heart rate up. Well-rounded, like your booty after the burn.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone with our motivational trainers.

How is a STRONG class on the Rowformer different to Pilates and Lagree?
The STRONG workout is unlike anything you’ve done before. Our Rowformer is the first machine to combine resistance training with cardio HIIT training. Our classes combine strong controlled movements (slow twitch muscle fibre activation that helps build endurance) and bursts of fast movement (fast twitch fibre activation that promotes speed and power).

Add cardio HIIT training with rowing and you have a unique, challenging way to workout. For a new kind of strong. Plus, with little to no impact on your joints, it’s one of the safest and most efficient ways to train.

How many times should I come a week?
Three classes a week to get the most benefits of the STRONG workout. Or five, if you’re nuts (about us). Our classes leave little to no impact on the joints so you can come as often as you like. But every body is different. It’s important to do what feels good for yours and what it responds to best.
What is a rowformer?
Your workout partner. The first machine of its kind in Australia; a combined Pilates & Rowing machine.
Do you have a beginner class?
All fitness levels are welcome in each class so there’s no need for beginner classes. Our STRONG trainers can modify the class to your needs. If you’re doing the STRONG workout for the first time, arrive 15 minutes earlier so we can get you comfortable with the Rowformer.
Is this class going to be hard?
The hardest thing you’ll do all week. The best thing too. Because you’re down for more - more challenging, more sweat, more comfort-zone pushing. Our classes are intense. But don’t sweat it. Yet. Our STRONG trainers can adjust the intensity to your needs. The rowformer changes angles to target different areas of the body during the exercises.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it first go. Enjoy the beats, embrace the challenge, and give yourselves a couple of weeks to get to know the exercises and flow of the classes.

How many calories will I burn?

Get what you put in. Plus a little more. The number of calories burned depends on your gender and size, but on average you could burn upwards of 800+ calories in a single 45-minute class.


Do you have an introductory offer?
Yes - we’re excited to welcome you in for your first STRONG experience.

Please see your local studio for the most current introductory offer

How do I book into class?
Please book in through the STRONG App. You can find all our class packs and membership options here too.
How do I become a STRONG member?
Make gains, friends, or both. Pick and choose your membership options through the STRONG app or contact your studio of choice.


What is your cancellation policy?
Hit snooze, HIIT lose. We enforce a strict nine hour class cancellation policy. If you’ve reserved a place in a STRONG class and cancel after the nine hour period, you will be charged and/or forfeit a session for the class. This includes switching time slots.

You can cancel a class through our online booking system.

What is your late arrival policy?
We want you to get more out of your workout, so we’re strict with our late arrival policy. First-time clients must arrive 15 minutes before class, whilst returning STRONG humans must arrive at least 5 minutes before class.

Arriving after class has started you’ll lose your spot and may incur a late cancel charge and/or forfeit a class session. This is for your safety; to make sure you can adequately warm up in the first block of class.

Do you have a late cancel/no show fee?
If you know you’re unable to attend, cancel your class so other STRONG members can take your place. If you fail to cancel your class or do not show up, you’ll incur a cancellation fee.
How does the waitlist work?
Full class? Join the waitlist. You’ll have better luck getting into a class, plus it lets us know where we need to add classes. You’ll get a text and e-mail if you’ve been someone has dropped out and you’ve got the place.

If you’re signed up for a class but aren’t there five minutes prior to its start, your place will be given to someone on the waitlist.

Is it safe to do a STRONG class while pregnant?
If you’ve already been doing STRONG classes or have been practicing intensive Pilates and/or Lagree at another studio and become pregnant, please check with your doctor first.
If you’re already pregnant and haven’t done either before, STRONG may not be for you until after baby. Your safety is our priority.

Pregnant clients who have been cleared by their doctor to exercise at STRONG are able to continue training up until 15 weeks and should use their heart-rate monitor during class to check their heart rate does not exceed 140 average beats per minute.

Can I put my membership on hold
Need to take a beat? Speak to your STRONG studio to discuss your options based on which membership you’re on
What if I need to cancel my membership
Don't sweat it. Speak to your STRONG studio to discuss your options based on which membership you're on.


Can I leave my kids, pets or other items in the waiting area?
STRONG will help you get more out of your workout, more out of your week and more out of your life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include child-minding at this time.

We will not take responsibility for any items lost or stolen when left in the waiting area. Please use the lockers provided to store your things during class.